SEO Basics


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SEO Basics

The term search engine optimization (SEO) is thrown around quite often. In fact, it is one of the most talked about phrases in digital marketing and has the attention of businesses and organizations trying to expand their reach. With so much emphasis on these three words, we figured it would be best to break down the basics of SEO to help refocus your company’s attention on what is truly important about this term.

Search engine optimization is the method of attaining the largest number of visitors to a webpage by establishing a high rank in search engine results. The higher your company ranks in a particular search engine, the more likely a web user is able to find your website. The concept itself is pretty simple. However, the next question needs to be answered carefully. How does one ensure his or her company is ranked high in search engine results?

Keywords (Title & Header Tags too)

Keywords are the most important feature of SEO. Keywords are special targeted words that are written into the content and code of your website. In order to successfully use keywords to reach a higher search engine ranking, they have to be relevant to your content. You have to think like a web user trying to find information that your site provides. Determine what they would type into Google to find your site and its information. Keywords placed in the title tag and page header of a particular web page work the best for search engine results. Write the title tag, page header and content in a natural way that includes the main keyword for that page.


Content marketing is rising, as it should be, and it’s one of the best ways to improve your SEO. The key in creating useful content that contributes to a higher search engine ranking is relevancy and uniqueness. If you are using the same content as someone else, then the search engine will penalize you for unoriginal content. Direct your content towards what your company’s objective is and then insert the keywords. Make sure your content establishes your website as an authority in your industry. If you have unique and relevant content then this will improve your ranking


Links help direct traffic to and from your site. Webpage views help your search engine rankings, so having someone link their site to yours or linking your site to someone’s with relevant content will help immensely. This could also establish a connection between your company and another.

Performance Speed

The better your site works and the easier it is to navigate, and the higher it will rank. Optimize your site by improving the performance speed. If a site takes to long to load, users will likely leave. Therefore, search engines will recognize this and penalize your site.

Search engine optimization is at your finger tips. Make sure your company is focusing on what really matters.

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