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One of the unique search wins I created was the naming of my company.. Bash Foo. I knew that since it was unique and has never been used to name anything before, that I would “kill-it” in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) for my company name. To Google, being unique matters as much as being real.

In order to register your business with Google, or with any location-based application, you have to “prove” you own the business and that your business name, location and phone number is legitimate. Many businesses have already claimed their business listing in Google and have had to go through that process.

In addition to being real, I took that added step to differentiate my agency with any others. I could have rocked “Mike McDermott Creative Agency” or “WebCentral Web Development” or something of that sort. It would have said what I do but it would have also tossed me into the bucket of web development and marketing agencies out there. With Bash Foo, I have to work hard to obtain the designation of creative web agency, I don't just earn it by name.

When you are dealing with the weirdness that is Google search, you want to not only be real, but also unique. After you register your website with Google local, claim your Google Plus listing and submit your XML file for admission to Google search you need to then begin to build unique content that sets your business apart from others. If your a plumber and your website says essentially the same thing as all the other plumbers out there, your content will rank right alongside theirs. In order to rank ahead of them, you'll need to do a heck of a lot better than them. You'll need to differentiate yourself with the quantity, quality and consistency of your site updates and growing amount of inbound links and visits.

Back in 2008-2009, it was unheard of a new business website ranking higher than an “established' site that had been out there for 5-6 years. Today however, webmasters and search engine analysts can up-rank a new site to score better than established web entities, sometimes only being challenged by Wikipedia and Government .gov websites. 🙂

Do you have site variation? Are you posting to your blog regularly? Are you swapping out your keywords on the page every 5-6 months? If not, you shouldn't be surprised if the “new guy” starts whipping you online. Want to learn more? Call us:: 937-573-8535 or email:


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