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Most of the work that our team performs on a day to day basis is anchored in a desire to grow leads for the businesses that we support. From designing custom, eye-catching websites to providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email drip campaigns our end goal is to drive more business for our clients.

Inbound marketing is also a fascinating look at Minority Marketing. As a marketer, we know that 96% of the visitors to any client website are NOT in a position or have a desire to buy. That is a BIG number!

This means that if your website is driving 1,000 visits a month, 960 of those visits don’t have any intention of filling out your form or buying your product/service.

Minority marketing defined would be the marketing efforts put forth only to engage the 4% of the visitors to your site that does have an ability and/or willingness to convert. That’s right… We could care less what those 960 visitors saw because they are not in “buy mode”. With our focus on just 4% of the web traffic to the site, there must be other means of capturing these leads.

Data Driven Marketing

We can learn a lot about those that visit our client’s website when we initiate the events that got them there. Meaning, we either must have created an advertisement or generated a referral (via social media, email, other) that pings a tracking code/pixel on the client website letting us know, “the ones we were looking for, have arrived”.

Now.. what about the 3-5 visitors within the bundle of 40 visitors to the website, that were NOT tracked by advertisement or referral? How did they get there? Where did they come from? This is a most elusive bit of information that even Google doesn’t do a good job of displaying for us. After all, when we are focusing on just 4% of your web traffic, we want to make sure we have good data on THE ENTIRE 4%, not just part of it.

Enter Lead Gen Tools

We’ve been happy with using a lead gen tool called Leadfeeder. This tool connects to the Google Analytics account, and converts the IP addresses of the visitors to a client’s website, and presents the actual company name and detail of the visit. So, beyond those visitors that we are specifically targeting with our marketing efforts, there are those that have a genuine desire to buy, and find the website link organically using Google. Now we know what company they come from, who works at the company we are linked to using an integration with LinkedIn, as well as the “buyers journey” they took through the website.

What’s next?

Well, if the newly identified visitors did not convert on their initial site visit, we are now able to identify the decision-makers at the company (using LinkedIn) and then directly market to them using all the data tracking ads, emails and social media posts we do with the rest of the 4%.

Tools like Leadfeeder allows us to capture the knowns and the unknowns like never before, while also allowing us to follow-up with the entire segment of web-visitors that are near the bottom of the sales funnel, and just require some encouragement to make that buy decision.

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