Search Engine Optimization Tips

search engine optimization tips

The second most requested service after web design for Bash Foo is Search Engine Optimization. 

Clients not only want to have a functional and attractive website, but also understand the importance of showing up on Page One of the search engines. In fact yesterday Dr. Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President of Bing’s Research and Development team had this to say:

Most search engines still provide a fixed number of web links on the search results page, typically 10 blue links in addition to instant answers. But are 10 blue links the right number of links for all queries and scenarios? Intuitively it doesn’t seem so. For example, showing fewer search results in navigational queries may enable users get to their desired URL faster. Also, users may benefit from seeing more blue links when they return to a search results page after clicking on the browser’s back button. In this blog my colleague Ronny Kohavi explores the benefits of having a dynamic number of search results and provides valuable insights that led Bing to challenge the status quo.

– Dr. Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President, Bing R&D

So.. Understanding the importance of Page One rank in Google or Bing leads us to some hard and fast search engine optimization tips for your company or organization.

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Monitor your current position – If you don’t have tracking software already identifying your current rank, you definitely need to start. Only after you understand how well (or how badly) you current rank can you ideally determine whether or not you need Bash Foo to help you build your online rank and reputation.

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Identify your keywords – You’ll need to identify a list of keywords you’d like to pull up on page one. Many times, generic keywords are not the way to go, as that is not what people search on. For instance, nobody just types “lawyer” into Google. But they do type in “dayton dui lawyer” or “troy ohio attorney”. You need to create a list of keywords and phrases people should be looking for you with.

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Your Title Tag is your friend – The title of the article and of the page should be something semantic. Meaning, your site pages should NOT just be the name of your company.. over.. and over.. again. You should choose semantic titles like “affordable, homestyle cooking” or “fast, reliable transportation”.

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XML Sitemaps – There is this thing called a sitemap, that basically hand-delivers the search engine the pages that are on your site. Do you have a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Blogger or Joomla? If so, the search engine is probably indexing a whole lot more than what you want them too. Creating an XML sitemap allows you to “shape” the search engine results.

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Content – You should have at least 300 words per page. Most websites do not. Search engines penalize you for not having enough good content produced. Ask Bash Foo (888-345-5847) about how they create content for many different trades and business types.


For more search engine optimization tips, call (888-345-5847) or email us at: on how you can build your site ranking and online reputation.

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