Search Engine Optimization: Less is More


Saturation is a real thing in regard to search engine optimization. Oftentimes, when businesses are unsatisfied with their site rankings, they double down on their strategy and increase the volume of their efforts.

This can actually have a detrimental effect on your campaign. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can find the right balance of keywords, links, content, and videos in your campaign.


The tendency here is for businesses to include too many keywords in their content. This is an old, outdated strategy that was once very effective in terms of boosting your site ranking.

To know your optimal keyword frequency, you need to understand what Google’s trying to accomplish with its search engine. It wants to optimize the user experience by providing users with the perfect relevant content.

In that respect, you only need to add keywords where they sound natural. Pick ones related to your business and try to add one to the title or first paragraph. Other than that, just focus on the quality of your writing.


Links are another case of businesses trying to do too much. The advice here is similar — Google’s algorithm is smart enough to pick up on good links and bad links. According to this Forbes article, you should only add natural links that add value to your content:

“Google also warns about unnatural links from your site. Google is now capable of determining natural links from unnatural links. It focuses on links that act as editorial votes for a site. If you somehow manipulate links from your site, there’s a high chance you’ll receive a penalty.”

You have to be honest with yourself here. Ask yourself if the user experience will really benefit from adding the link. If it increases your authority, then the answer is yes, if it doesn’t, then you probably don’t need the link.


Content creation — when implemented correctly — is the surest way to improve your site ranking. This makes the assumption, however, that the content is good, informative, and serves a purpose.

Diminishing marginal returns set in pretty quickly in regard to content creation. If you increase your production from 1 to 2 articles a month, then you’ll see a noticeable impact. But at some point, whether it’s your 10th, 20th, or 30th piece of content, you’ll start to get negative returns.

This is because the quality will drop as you increase production. To get the most out of content creation, you should focus on creating the best content, even if you only share a few pieces a month.


Videos and visual content, in general, are good for SEO, but they affect another important factor — your website’s load time. These files tend to be big and can slow your site down.

According to this Chief Marketer article, having a fast, mobile-friendly site is more important than filling it with videos and pictures:

“Mobile is a major part of modern optimization. In fact, the majority of Google searches are now done on mobile. Brands need to strike a balance here: a modern multimedia site that can also load easily on a phone. YouTube is smartphone-friendly, but if you’re using a different video service, make sure it won’t hinder mobile performance, and be especially certain to steer clear of flash players, as Apple doesn’t support flash at all.”

So if you’re going to upload videos, make sure they work on mobile devices. Otherwise, they’ll do more harm than good.

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