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Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Larry Signorile from Johnson Resource Group. He had asked about how employment and recruiting firms could benefit from the use of Social Media. While the job market may be at its lowest in 25 years, there is still difficulty for recruiters to place the right candidate with the available position. Larry’s firm has a whole list of opportunities awaiting the right candidate to respond. How can Larry meet his business objective (recruiting talent) through the use of Social Media?

First off, I promised to elaborate on how to use Twitter to post jobs and recruit talent. My “Tweeps” who know how to use Twitter can move on down to the Bold N below.

For those uninitiated, I continue:

1. First off, create an account at Twitter. It is a pretty simple affair, and it will leave you with a homepage from which to Tweet. (Tweeting is the act of sending messages to people)
My URL is

2. Second, build your Twitter Profile. On the Account tab, complete all areas. Areas like your URL and one line Bio are CRUCIAL. Think of using keyword-rich bios like: “Experienced executive headhunter and sourcing specialist. Jobs available in healthcare, technology, business and C-level management” When Tweeps (Twitter-using people) perform searches, your keywords help you gain “eyes to page”… Then your URL tells them where to go.

3. On the Picture Tab, add your photo, no one wants to communicate with a ghost avatar. They want to see you as you are. You can also bail out with the use of a corporate logo.

4. On the Design tab you can pick how your page will look. Leaving a default page is very indicative of someone who is new at this. And no one wants to be a NEWB. You can add a background image and change the color scheme. This is where a Community Manager comes in handy.. To do this sort of social-site branding.

5. OK, now start using Twitter! Pretty easy.

Now on to the fun part. Finding and recruiting talent!

The first thing you can do is start to search for talent who have posted their stuff on Twitter for you to find. Go to the Twitter Search Page and type in some search criteria. This is where you will start to use the unique “code” within Twitter. Community Managers use the jargon all day.

Say you want to look for a Program Manager near Dayton, Ohio within 50 miles?
In the search field type in:    “program manager” near:Dayton within:50mi

You will come up with one hit! Me! Now how fun was that??

While searching for a candidate you can also use “Hashtags” represented by a “#” sign. Adding this to your search criteria narrows results. For example #jobangels provides you only candidates that have posted their availability to JobAngels.

Because you can only type in 140 characters, Twitter-users, also known as Tweeps, use lots of concatenation and substitution. Twitter also has some unique “codes”.

@ delta40  – Starting off a tweet like this will send a general message that others can see, but your intended recipient will be delta40
D delta40 – Starting off a tweet like this will send a private message to delta40, no one can see this but him. You cannot send D or Direct messages unless that person is “following” you.


You can also find sites like Twellow that build out more enhanced profiles and work to categorize individuals by their talents. (like a Yellow Pages)
I mentioned #jobangels above. This is a non-profit organization that helps place candidates with jobs. You would be silly to not use Job Angels as a resource.

My feelings about recruiting new talent via Twitter is that it engages a young and vibrant demographic in a way that is meaningful and supportive of them. Twitter as a platform provides a robust 140 character messaging system so that you can say what you need to say, but hold on to what you don’t. 🙂
You can also build onto Twitter various tools like TweetDeck that help to enhance your Twitter experience. And if you don’t have the time or the inclination to recruit via Twitter, consider hiring a Community Manager or Social Media Consultant. Keep an eye on this blog for more tips on how to use the other forms of social media (MySpace, Facebook, etc) for advertising your brand and your business.

Have a wonderful day!

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