PodCamp Ohio 2009 a raving success!

podcamp ohio 2009

I can’t possibly deliver a blow-by-blow account of the great conversations, sessions or fun that was had at Podcamp Ohio 2009.  There were simply TOO MANY!

It was really an honor to speak in front of some of the most amazing social media participants and leaders here in Ohio. This was really Community overload for me.
I posted my slides on SlideShare but the real information can only come from attending my session. What great participation, questions and feedback! I am humbled to have emoted so much great energy from the session attendees. Small businessmen/women who were looking for answers, social media leaders who provided GREAT feedback. A community manager’s dream.

A big shout out and thanks to all who organized Pod Camp OH & the great sponsors – OSU CSTW, Qdoba, Blubrry, Avitae, TechSmith, DrA,COSproductions. One notable note. I literally ran out to Krogers this morning for some Avitae to wake up this morning. Thanks for the coupon guys! If you guys ever need a social media community manager, look me up. I have some terrific ideas for your campaign!
Qdoba, you guys will be my next call for catering. Wonderful job. I never could have imagined that you could cater such a delicious spread!

Some notable new friends.
Cheryl Harrison – The best idea I have met in a long time
Cliff Ravenscraft – Bowing to the podcast master, monetizer and closet Hannah Montana Fan
Jacob Burke – A pretty great guy in his own right
Bill Condo – First presentations are always the most difficult. Kudos for breaking through
Gabe Taviano – The Lord works miracles within thee. With Him all things are possible.
Gina Kay Landis – Electric personality, a Realtor that “gets being social”. Kudos!
Amybeth Hale – Super-charged socialite. I learned alot from you. Thanks for the positive Chi!

and all those that I did not mention.. Thank you too for helping to grow my community!

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