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Do you have a personal brand? If so, how is it being represented online? If people Google your name what would they find? branding-matches

Our guest for Episode Ten (yes I said ten) of the Get Social! Radio Show will be Cheryl Harrison, Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Sync Creative and a social media marketing aficionado.

So why should you even care how you are being represented online? You may want to transfer your real world reputation into the online world. Are you a renowned fiction author? Do you garden like nobody’s business? Are you a fantastic and energetic business leader? If so, you may want to transport that stellar reputation and attention online for others to find you.

Or, you may have a not-so-nice real life reputation.

You may be a Merger and Acquisition specialist that regularly reduces cost through job elimination (and everyone knows it). You may be a CEO that tanked out his last three companies and is looking to get seated on a number of Board of Directors to solidify your retirement plan. Or more likely you have an unremarkable real life reputation and are mixed in with the millions of other chum in the sea.

Online personal branding can assist in translating your fantastic real life reputation into a portfolio of success online. People seeking out an individual with your skills, abilities and creativeness to bond with, hire or just network will find you easily if you have a strong and attractive online brand. Online personal branding can also help to develop for you branding “elements” that may not currently exist by building up the positive facets in your life that you are proud of and make you stand out against the background of others. For instance, you may be a huge supporter of Red Cross but no one knows about it (in real life). An online personal branding effort would not only help to recognize your charitable contributions but also your strong emotional connection to those displaced by fire, storm or other tragedy. It will also add a layer of complexity and style to your life that you are responsible for representing in real life.

A bit about Cheryl Harrison

Cheryl Harrison is the Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Sync Creative and a social media marketing aficionado. Cheryl also blogs frequently for Greatest City of All and occasionally for Sync. Cheryl is an assistant organizer for Columbus Collective and a team captain for TasteCasting. She has spoken at Be The Boss, the Ohio Growth Summit, WordCamp Columbus and Capital University, sharing her passion for all things social media.

Prior to joining Sync, Cheryl worked with CD101, Debunkify, OhioHealth,, Capital University Theatre, and People To My Site. Altogether this has given her a wide array of experience in social media, public relations, politics, marketing, journalism and communications. And a lot of headaches. –

I invited Cheryl to be our special guest for the Get Social! Radio Show because I feel that she has done an admirable job of building her online persona and will have some great insight for our listeners on how to build their own! Listen in to the show September 2nd,2009 at 9PM

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