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Many marketers focus on the email content to pull in the reader. This is an important feature of email marketing but there’s a problem with only focusing on the content of the email: the customer you are targeting may not open it up. You have to give the user an incentive to open up the email. The trick lies within the email subject line. Optimizing email subject lines with specific keywords will turn better results for the marketer. Here are some suggestions to help you write alluring subject lines that will increase the percentage of your emails opened.

Shorten, Shorten, Shorten

There is no reason to have an elaborate sentence as the subject line of your email newsletters. The user will scroll through their inbox, see the overly long subject line and proceed to place it in the trash. In a world of immediacy no one is looking to read information that could be read elsewhere; i.e. the body of the email. Do yourself and your followers a favor and clip the length of the subject line by avoiding filler words and giving the receiver only the information he or she needs.

Avoid Certain Words

Confusing your email subscribers is never a good thing when it comes to email marketing. The difference can be a new customer conversion or a deleted email. So it’s important to not use certain words in the subject line. A great example would be, “free.”This will either place your email in the spam folder of the receiver or will leave them suspicious of the content. MailChimp has further suggestions of not using words such as, “Help,” “Reminder” and “Percent Off.”

Be Specific

Don’t fluff up the subject line with unnecessary words. Be direct and to the point. Use time and location if they relate to the content. So using dates and the city will leave the reader more intrigued and more likely to open the email. Put yourself in the receiver’s position. Would you open an email that is entirely too long and are unsure of what may be inside prior to opening it? Chances are the answer is no. So shorten up your emails, be specific and be choose your keywords wisely.

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