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WordPress Optimized for SpeedWebpages used to be measured in kilobytes, and while internet speeds have increased, so have webpage sizes. According to Wired a single webpage today has as much data on it as the original version of the video game, Doom. A standard homepage size is around 3 Megabytes of graphics and code. Add into that the uncomfortable truth that 80% of the Internet is being hosted on aging equipment (servers older than 7 years old), and a large population of under-powered PC’s and laptops further complicate matters.

So what’s the big deal?

Performance and optimization are about more than how quickly we can download content. There are also quite a few search engine optimization benefits to be had by taking the time to look at our code. Not to mention, decreasing file sizes by optimizing your web code for better performance has the added bonus of decreasing our bandwidth costs as hosts, and decreases bandwidth usage on the user level as well. Overall a faster, more responsive, and higher converting web.

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How is all this speed accomplished?

Our engineering team works to eliminate code dependencies where they exist. Sometimes (yes even in WordPress) plugin developers write sloppy code. Sites that use this sloppy code, that depends on the downloading or “calling” of other code slows your site down. Our folks yank out dependencies and write in clean and useful code calls.
File sizes are minimized, both the code and the binary data (images) using a combination of tools like lossless compression and file caching. Our premium web hosting platform on Pantheon even utilizes WP-REDIS and Varnish to further speed up the process of getting the webpage loaded for your site visitors.
Clean code optimizes the whole environment. When WordPress Core updates or updates to javascript, poorly written code most often exhibits itself. Better than 50% of our new clients each month are actually leaving other web agencies because they suffered from a poorly maintained web environment.

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