Your New Beautiful Website & Why It’s a Total Flop


What is your number one priority when designing a new website? It needs to look good, of course. Just have incredible, gorgeous design and the customers will come running, right? Wrong! 

Too many developers focus on the aesthetics of your website without worrying about the rest – how your website will be found, how changes will be made, and how your website fits into your marketing goals. Having beautiful design is a definite plus, but it’s not the end all be all of website design. 

But have no fear. Bash Foo is here to tell you the top three problems your brand new website may have and how to fix them. Make your website work for you – not just sit there and look pretty.

Problem #1: You don’t have a flexible content management system.

How much time do you spend emailing back and forth with your website developer to get minor changes taken care of? It’s an incredibly frustrating process that leads to information on your website going out of date quickly. Plus you spend your valuable time communicating with the developer on minor issues when you could be using your time towards more important marketing actions. 

The Fix:

What if you could make those changes yourself at your pace and at the push of the button? A content management system (CMS) like WordPress allows you to do just that. And you don’t even need to know how to code. If you have a functioning CMS, you can easily make text changes on your own. Bash Foo sets up websites for our customers using WordPress. We’re still here if you need us for any heavy duty coding changes, but you are in complete control of the content of your website, anytime, anywhere. 

Problem #2: Nobody thought about SEO.

Your website may be absolutely gorgeous, but without a robust SEO (search engine optimization) plan, nobody is going to ever see it. Your website will just sit in a forgotten corner of the internet next to MySpace and collect dust.

The Fix:

You need an SEO guru. Someone who can take that beautiful website and pull it up to the top of the podium, aka the first page of Google search results. At Bash Foo that’s our specialty. We use valuable, searchable keywords in your copy to attract customers. SEO isn’t just a set it and forget it tool. We’ll continue to make changes to the SEO as needed to make sure you’re continually getting the best results.

Problem #3: Leads get lost in the depths of the internet.

Let’s say that your website has snappy copy and good SEO that prompts potential customers to explore your website and reach out to you. Now what are you doing with all of those quality leads?

The Fix:

You’ve got to take those leads and turn them into customers! But you won’t be able to do that unless you have a website capable of tracking those leads and so you have the opportunity to continue to reach out to them. With the right set up you can integrate those leads straight into your email marketing or other touch points, so that you continue to capitalize on the leads that came straight to you thanks to the excellent SEO of your website!

At Bash Foo, we want to see you succeed. Nothing pains us more than seeing a beautiful website go to waste. Think of us as your fairy godmother who can take the website you have and transform it into something that will work wonders for your company.

Contact us today and let us show you what we’re capable of. Let’s put it to work for your goals and your desires instead of letting it collect dust.

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