Network Dayton a Success

231 This afternoon I had the opportunity to run down to Kettering for the Network Dayton networking event. I was surprised at first with the number of attendees. There was actually a small line out the door.

One of the first tables I wanted to hit was the RainMakers out of Indy. I spent all two hours there and were not able to find their table. They must have been cloaked.

What I was pleasantly surprised about was the number of social media folks there, as well as the over-riding buzz about social media within the conversations.

I wanted to give a run down of the folks that I spoke with and received business cards from. You would be surprised about how many people with tables did not have business cards to share. 🙁

Tim Wanwick with All-World Travel here in Dayton. I would absolutely love to bring unique and interested would-be travelers to your door.

ChrisChaffin, Rocky (RockOn) VanBrimmer, and Mary Wehrle from Start Engaging Others. A social media company that appears to be out of the Columbus/Lancaster area. I’ll definitely be darkening their URL in days to come to see what goodness they are up to!

Peter Haigh, agency manager with HBW Insurance.

Mya Jackson Brown from Mary Kay. She was so sweet that I couldn’t help but to lay some free tips on how she can build her online network through LinkedIn and Facebook. I also promised her that if she would keep visiting my blog that I will be sure to write up new tips for her.

Nicole Amsler of Keylocke Services. Now Nicole definitely wins the “best business card” award of the evening, even beating my snazzy blue bird. Nicole is a Writer and Marketing Consultant. Nicole’s booth was really well put together and she had near constant foot traffic. Note to self: Nicole is going somewhere!

James Reynolds from Cox Publishing (Dayton Daily News). James introduced me to the new advertising and direct marketing business they have gotten into. While their prices are still high by Social Media standards, they are much more reasonable than I would have thought. They even throw in the use of their address lists which can be premiere since they are delivery machine!

Jon Cowell from Select Signs. I spoke to Jon first this evening and he was a very good ice-breaker. If I had a mind to wrap up my Accord I would definitely be calling Jon.

Julie Chamberlain with Graphic Impact Communications. Julie is the only soul that I recognized there. She has a great heart and I hope to encourage her to grow her business into the “third rail” of marketing. (Social Media) Even just setting up Digital Outposts, Julie could begin to have conversations with potential clients.

Overall no regrets other than I would have loved to have spoken to more of the folks there. I have such a passion for what I do I have a hard time just delivering the elevator speech.

Well.. Off to prepare for the Social Media Breakfast up in Toledo tomorrow EARLY.

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