NCR leaves Dayton – Lt. Gov. Fisher knew full well

I clicked on the TV this afternoon along with the air conditioner.

Channel 2 WDTN was reporting that NCR was packing up and moving to Atlanta, GA. Of course this was not a big surprise to me, or most Daytonians. Ever since Nuti became CEO he has worked to shave off unprofitable divisions, profit from ones that were doing well, and coordinate the move to Atlanta.

Dayton’s Mayor Rhine McLin was well aware of the move. In fact she was part of the delegation which put together the initial $25M package which was turned down. Subsequent problems that arose for NCR fell on deaf ears, so much so that NCR began to deal with things themselves without the help or assistance from Dayton.

That lynch-mob that they assembled today at the Dayton courthouse was the epitome of epic fail. They complained that today they could not reach NCR to talk to them about them leaving. if the CEO of NCR told the Ohio (Strickland) and Dayton leadership (Husted) that they were leaving 9 months ago, what did Rhine McLin think.. That they were KIDDING? Did Strickland/Fisher truly think that an 11th hour plea and $30 million less than what Atlanta offered would seal the deal?

Ohio has never been a business friendly state to operate in. Now Strickland and McLin demonstrate that it cannot even be a business friendly state when you choose to leave! Soon Ohio will only be a place where you can pick nuts and berries and barter with chickens. Thank you for making our lives much simpler Ohio leadership!

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