Moving On Down

Moving On Downhe theme song of the 1975 TV sitcom, The Jefferson’s was entitled, “Moving On Up”. The catchy tune sung by Ja’net Du Bois described how an African American family raised themselves out of poverty, and moved into an expensive high-rise. Bash Foo will be venturing a move in a slightly different direction.

The Move

This Monday morning, my company Bash Foo will be “Moving On Down” to Tipp City’s downtown business district, adding ourselves to the collection of antique outlets, independent restaurants and unique toy and gift shoppes.

Why Move?

Those familiar with the marketing techniques of Bash Foo quickly recognize how our focus is on hyper-local advertising. Our peers used to question these advertising motives, but now that Google has strengthened their local-focus search results the importance of strong local advertising and web design techniques should not be discounted. Moving to the local nexus of commerce in Tipp City just made sense.

Our New Location

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Our office is now conveniently located at 135 E. Main St. Suite 203 in the Tower Office Supply building (across from Tony’s Bada Bing). Our office hours will be from 8-5PM M-F and weekend by appointment. This week we will be lighting up the East end of the Downtown with FREE Wi-Fi Internet access for our guests as well as curious pedestrians near our location.

What to Expect

More work getting done, more relationships created and a stronger overall portfolio of services. Sound interesting? Hit me up later on in the week once the paint has dried to chat about how Bash Foo could help your small business.

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