Mobile Marketing: QR Codes


Mobile Marketing: QR Codes

If you’re not familiar with QR (Quick Response) codes, you will likely be in the near future. They seem to be popping up everywhere. These little black and white boxes hold a lot of information that can be read instantly by a scanner on your smartphone. If you have a QR reader on your phone then you can access the information that is made readily available by businesses. These codes can be placed online, in the newspaper, brochures or some other form of print marketing piece. Usually the code is accompanied by the company and their logo as well as a brief description of where the QR code will take the user.

QR codes work great for small businesses because they are very cost effective. The only cost they may have for your business is advertising space in newspapers or magazines. QR codes make accessing the information your company wants them to know very easy. Once the user scans the code with the camera on their phone a text message or a website will be pulled up with information that was described near the QR code.

One of the main benefits of these codes is that it adds to the demand of immediacy. The process of scanning a code is much quicker than typing the code in on the small keyboard of your smartphone. The quicker it is for users to pull up the information that your company wants to present, the more likely it is for them to actually scan the code and learn more.

These codes not only provide immediate access, but can be used for several different types of marketing. So QR codes work for any type of business, as long the main audience they are targeting owns a smartphone or tablet. QR codes can also be tracked. This is important because it allows your business to understand how effective these codes are and which customers are coming back or customers that are converted after using this application.

So whether you’re a small business or a large business, your customers are screaming for immediacy and new ways to be engaged. QR codes are just one of many mobile marketing pieces to effectively do this. As long as you create information that will intrigue customers to want to scan, your company will see traffic grow.

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