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Any business-to-business (B2B) marketer should be using LinkedIn as a means to reach new clients and interact with them frequently. However, LinkedIn should not be overlooked by digital marketers involved in B2C marketing. A great way for many marketers of different backgrounds to be reaching more clients, consumers and even potential employees is by the use of LinkedIn. Now, LinkedIn is providing Advertising services for businesses looking to market their brand on this unique social media platform.

LinkedIn Ads are viewed by business professionals and members of the LinkedIn community. Therefore, every time a user clicks on an ad you have created, tracking the demographics and information of them is much easier. This social media platform provides key details about its members, so filtering the job title, skills, groups or even location of the user allows for a more accurate and controlled audience. Once you have and understand this information you can target an audience where you’ll get the most interest.

LinkedIn ads are displayed on prominent LinkedIn sites and can be shown anywhere from the inbox screen to a profile page. The Ads aren’t very large (this can be advantageous in not distracting your audience) and on the plus side, easy to create. First you will want to create your ad and generate the copy or video you would like to display. After that you will want to select your target audience and bid on space. A LinkedIn employee views your ad and updates you on the status of it within 24 hours.

The advertising campaigns on LinkedIn will take some time to understand how to effectively reach your audience. This may be one of the best platforms to do so because of its specific targeting methods. Any type of marketing campaign can benefit from using LinkedIn, but especially B2B marketers.

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