Last Mile Marketing: Crossing the Sales Finish Line


You’ve created a robust database of leads and churned out pages of blog content. You’re winning at the content marketing game, but still can’t seem to convert these leads into business. This common dilemma refers to one of the final stages in the buyer’s journey called “the last mile.” This is the time when you need to seal the deal and make the sale. So, how does your small business combat fatigue and buyer fallout during the last mile? By stopping to understand your prospects and learn how to target specifically to their needs in the moment, you can implement an effective last mile marketing strategy and cross the sales finish line.

Understand Your Prospects

You will be able to create a much more effective last mile marketing effort if you have a nuanced understanding of the people who are considering your products and services. Ideally, you have been nurturing your relationship with these prospects over the entirety of their buying journey through content marketing and other forms of contact. They need to be ready to trust you with their purchasing decision.

Put yourself into the shoes of your customer and think about the variety of situations, locations, and times when you could meet your customers in the moment when their decisions are being shaped. Research the keywords and searches that are being utilized in your industry to better understand your customers perspective. Use these insights and leverage them to create opportunities for touch points with prospects. Using the information you have collected, these should vary depending on the channel, customer, and category. If you listen and monitor what your customers and prospects are saying regarding their purchasing decisions, you’ll find more ways in which you can close the last mile marketing gap.

Get Local

It’s no surprise that most shoppers today do some legwork researching online before making a purchase, and it takes a focused effort to convert researchers to customers. Digital tools make it easy to find prospects where they are and direct them towards your storefront whether it’s digital or physical. You can use online marketing in a number of ways to capture prospective customers who are looking to act on their intent to purchase.

To start with, geographic targeting allows you to specify ads based on location. If you have a physical storefront, this can be triggered when they are within miles of your store. Another useful tool for closing the last mile gap is through retargeting ads. You can use this feature to target those who have visited your website previously (or even abandoned items in their shopping cart). Focusing on taking action where your customer is, makes the purchasing decision easy and prompts your prospects to look towards your business.

Make It Easy

Finally, you want to make the last mile of a customer’s buying journey as easy as possible in order to seal the deal. Reduce any barriers that may exist between customers and their purchase. A great example of this is Amazon’s one-click ordering where there is little time to linger over a purchasing decision.

You can also have quicker decision by narrowing down the options you present to a customer. This may sound counter-intuitive, but the fear of making a wrong choice can paralyze a potential buyer. Providing fewer options can ease people into feeling that they have a smaller chance of making a poor purchasing choice. You want to make sure that the purchasing process is guiltless and enjoyable for the customer – that just might keep them coming back for more.


What does your last mile marketing look like right now? Take the time for a review of what you have in place. If you have fantastic marketing tactics in place at the top of the sales funnel but no last mile marketing, you aren’t setting yourself up for success. Look for ways that you can begin to implement a specific strategy today.

If you are interested in finding out more marketing strategies for closing the last mile gap, contact us today. We help small businesses like yours generate more exposure, more leads, and more sales.

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