Keyword Not Provided Bugs SEO’s and Clients Alike

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Search optimization for clients has always been a task when the most “cherry” of keywords are masked by Google as (not provided). Google has been doing this sort of blocking of keyword data since 2011, so this is not new. What is new however is that by the end of the year Google will be blocking up to 80% of those keyword results.

Why you ask? Well, Google has to stay a full step ahead of all the folks out there that are gunning to “trick” Google into thinking their results are THE page 1 results. In order to do this, they have to toss these keywords into “the wash” (that is our word for it, not Google’s) where the keywords used to get to the page or site are obscured, no longer allowing a “scraper” to identify this data.

This is a tremendous loss not only to the search optimization world, but also to webmasters, and clients who appreciated the clarity their SEO providers delivered each month to them. This many hits to this keyword, resulted in this traffic, resulting in these conversions. Pretty darn simple.

These are the questions that are now before us:

  • How are we going to find an alternative for (Not Provided) keywords on Google Analytics?
  • How will we track and measure the organic traffic for our client’s keywords?
  • Bottom line results are important to our clients, how will we track and report on our progress?

I think as an industry we have gotten caught up in the making of the sausage, vs. the eating of it. Let me explain…

Clients never really cared about keywords, keyphrases, SERP’s, Page 1 or Page 5. What they did care about was the resulting actions taken by visitors on their website. What was the visitor’s overall feeling about their business/brand? Did the visitor learn enough on this visit in order to take them further down the sales funnel? How many sales were made on the site successfully?

Sounds too simple right? Well it is. That is why in March we will be transforming the way that we report progress to our clients. For those clients that do NOT read our reports now, they may consider reading them with the new format. At a glance they will be able to view the overall health of their site, the impact of the site to the visitor, and most importantly their “Market Reach”. The report will answer the question from the top down “How is my site encouraging visitors to take action?” and “Is my website an effective marketing tool for this organization/business/firm?”

Existing clients, please keep your eyes peeled for these new reports. They will help to demonstrate our continued efforts to build your brand online, each and every month. And if you are currently working through your Google Analytics reports yourself, that (Not Provided) situation is going to make your efforts, pretty much unbearable in the coming 3-5 months. Essentially all Google Analytics will be good for is raw demographics, “live time” visit views, and visit pathing.

Contact us today if you are DONE with looking at keyword (Not Provided) and want reporting that is rich with information that you can use to drive your business forward. Call today: 888-345-5847 or[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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