Importance of Narrowcasting


In an age where technology allows for a reach of a larger audience, thinking small may be beneficial to your company. Targeting a specific group of people enables your message to be reached and connected with by the audience you are focusing on. This is the idea of narrowcasting, which is radio, television or internet aimed at a narrowly defined area or audience. It is set up the same way as broadcasting but can be much more effective because you’re specifically tailoring the message for the audience you are trying to reach.

Narrowcasting proves that bigger isn’t always better. To the general public advertising isn’t always what they care about. We have all switched the channel when our favorite show went on commercial break from time to time. We have also surfed the web while the show we are watching on Hulu is playing an advertisement. It’s natural that most of the public believe these types of advertisements are boring. The reason behind this is that they are often not targeted to what we want to see. There are features that allow you to choose from a list of what advertisement you want to view, but much of the time none of the ads on the list are something that interests the viewer.

The goal behind narrowcasting is to deliver that content in a more appealing way that interests the viewer in an effort to spur conversion/sales. We are a lot less likely to ignore ads if they are tailored directly for us. This is key for businesses to understand. If your audience isn’t interested then they won’t pay attention to your message. If they don’t pay attention to your message, the information will not be shared, resulting in no new leads.

Take our company for example. We provide web design services to a wide variety of professionals, manufacturers, and online retailers. But, consider if our company only did web design for attorneys and law firms? Instead of just being able to show off a dozen examples of our work in the legal arena, we could have designed hundreds of examples to show prospects. This is an example of where narrowcasting is being used to carry the water for our marketing campaign. While our market focus may be narrow, our skillfulness and attention to the customer is at an all time high.

Narrowcasting is something every successful business is good at doing as it allows for them to expand their reach. So in some ways thinking smaller will lead to expansion. The more targeted your message is, the more likely your audience will share it, which will in return improve your market and the amount of people your business connects with.

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