Image-centric Marketing- Do Images Matter More than Text?


Image-centric marketing- do images matter more than text?

Images attract people much quicker than text can. But one does not have to replace the other. Images and text can be used to complement each other. The important bit of information that you want to convey to your audience will ultimately be explained through text, but the image attached to the text will be what pulls the viewer in.

An image can be used in a tweet, blog post, Facebook post or any other form of digital marketing. If it accompanies words, the user will be much more likely to dive into the post to learn more. A clever way to use images in digital marketing is to show a picture that doesn’t necessarily relate to the title, in order to attract those who want to understand how it relates. This doesn’t mean using an image that doesn’t relate the article or post at all, but using an image that can be associated with the angle or a story told in the text.

Most people tend to be visual learners, so associating an image with text will help them remember it faster. Also, in this day and age, users want information quicker. You have to be able send the information out faster in order to gain or maintain interest. Often times when posting information to the web, the viewer will first look at the images and make assumptions on that. It is important to use the correct image in your marketing campaign to grab attention and help the user remember what they just learned about your company.

Images also have the ability to improve the search engine optimization of your site. If you use the right captions and keywords on an image it will add to your search engine ranks placement. The top image based searches, such as pictures on Google images, have strong keywords to help users find the company’s site. Using images to go along with your text will allow you to receive more visitors through both text searches and images searches as well, enhancing your website’s traffic.

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