IBM 5 in 5 Report: How it Affects You




IBM 5 in 5 Report: How it affects you

IBM has come out with a new 5 in 5 report to explain how computers will be learning in the future. However, the theme isn’t on just learning in general, but learning about you. The report focuses on how computers will adapt in the next five years in five specific areas: education, retail, healthcare, security and cities. In one way or another, these five areas all impact the way you live; therefore the new “learning” machines will be focused on getting to know you better in order to improve the areas mentioned.

There are plenty of lessons for businesses to learn from the 5 in 5 report, most specifically in the areas of security, cities and retail.


The report states that “in five years, a digital guardian will protect you online.” The guardian that IBM talks about will monitor your spending actions and will help guard against identity theft. If a purchase is made with your account that doesn’t fit in the pattern of things that you buy, a notification will be sent your way. Based on what you have bought in the past, the new security offered by IBM can detect any suspicious behavior in your online world.


“In five years, the city will help you live in it,” states IBM.  Within five years, computers will be using crowdsourcing, predictive analytics and cloud-based social feedback to understand more about people’s wants and needs and then shape the city accordingly. The heads of each city will be given information about the desires of the people and distribute resources appropriately. It is important for businesses to stay up-to-date with this information because the changes will directly affect the importance of your company in regards to a specific location.


Retail technology provided by IBM is also an important topic businesses must stay up on. The report predicts that “in five years, buying local will beat online.” IBM’s purpose is to not only close the gap between online and local business, but surpass any online retail by meeting the needs of the people. IBM wants to mix the real and virtual experience of shopping together. By placing technologies inside the store, there will be plenty room for customer feedback, allowing the retail stores to adapt to the desires of the customers. Businesses will want to adapt to these changes because it’s a great way to personalize your products toward the consumer and increase sales.

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