How Hungry Do You Want Your Web Designer to Be? Agencies vs. Individuals


We often get the question: “What is the difference between hiring a web designer and an agency?” While this seems like a no-brainer, it’s a legitimate concern for many. You want the right creative people dedicated to your project, but you’ve got finite resources. We understand that. This discussion isn’t a question of the budget that you’re working with. It involves the kind of service that you wish to receive from the designers on your project and how you want to the site to resonate with consumers at the end.

Break It Down

We don’t want to come across as Negative Nancy (or Ned) here. There are talented freelancers out there who are hungry. They will give you a good quote for designing your site. We want to highlight here why customers like you might choose an agency versus an individual. Then, it’s up to you to decide. After that, we hope that you’ll ask around and see how our understanding of this subject stacks up against that of other agencies.

The Skinny on Web Designers

A web designer is a creative person with technical skills who gets paid to develop something attractive, functional, and useful for a small-scale business or organization. This kind of professional doesn’t concern herself with the way that the design of your website fits your marketing plan or your short-term or long-term business goals. She ensures that the final design to meet your expectations, but, from the outset, it might not include the latest trends that would help to successfully market your goods and services. Just think of this service as a bill of goods that a designer, however talented he or she may be, has created in exchange for cash. If you are looking for a quick way to launch a business website and you aren’t concerned with its functionalities or how it will expand your market, then you could make this small investment in a freelance web designer. If your goal is paying for web design and related services, then you want to hire an agency.

The Agency Approach

If you want a website that has a range of functionalities and provides a steady stream of data your business can use for marketing purposes, go with a creative agency. This is a special kind of business organization that offers a wide range of marketing services. One of these just so happens to include web design. The typical creative agency has a vested interest in aligning your web design with your marketing goals and ensuring that your employees and your customers can easily use all of its features. An agency has a built-in approach for website design, testing, and implementation.

Choose the Difference to Benefit Your Business

When you choose Bash Foo, you should expect more than just web design. You should pay good money for a sophisticated virtual home that both employees and customers will find useful. A well-designed website can automate many kinds of transactions, saving your company many labor hours. We are committed to building your brand. We collect feedback on how your website performs after its launch. Because we want your business to thrive, we will also work to ensure that your site is doing what you want it to do. Testing our designs is very important to us. We employ web design experts who will study the user experience and make adjustments to the design at various points in your project. You want a website that is interactive and offers behind-the-scene tools that give your business rich marketing data.

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