Humanize Your Brand



Humanize Your Brand

There is no better way to reach consumers than grabbing their attention with something they can relate to. In fact, if you aren’t constantly looking for ways to engage your audience, then the chances of your brand succeeding and becoming well known are less than slim. The most successful companies have led the charge in humanizing their brand and leading others to follow. When you take your product and convey your message in such a way that audience can relate to it, then the consumer will most likely respond. Here are some ways to humanize your brand digitally.


Blogs are a great way for consumers to stay up-to-date on what your company is trying to accomplish. But having a blog and updating it regularly won’t be enough to keep them engaged. You have to form a personal connection between your brand and the consumer. This can be done by sharing stories about someone and relating it back to your product. You can be funny and conversational or serious when talking about important matters. You know — be human. Remember, you are not trying to sell anything from your blog, instead your company should be establishing a human connection so the consumer will trust your brand and keep coming back to your site.


If you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bus yet, then you are way behind. But so are the companies using Twitter who have not made a connection with their customers. Twitter is a great way to be concise in what you are trying to convey as well as establish a voice for your brand for many to see. Use Twitter to respond to consumers and engage them with articles and other content that relates back to your brand. Share your blogs here as well. Post photos of your staff doing behind the scenes work. If you can get users to retweet your posts, then not only have you successfully engaged your followers, but you have expanded your reach.

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