Google Changes the Rules – Again


Google Changes the Rules - AgainJust when ecommerce and small business websites thought they understood how they fit into the Google “matrix” of search results, Google has changed the rules.

As reported yesterday by CNN, the search engine giant has responded to the complaints made against “content farms” that shovel inferior, low value results to “page one” on the Search Engine Results Page.

Our clients will be happy to know that we don’t use content farms, and never have. And we don’t employ offshore labor to assemble content farms that link to your site. Why you say? Well, because we thought that was a stupid way to game Google and we don’t do stupid things.

What does this mean for our web design and more importantly, our search engine optimization clients? Well, they will expect to see an overall BOOST in their search results and keyword relevance data for the next few months as the “big guys” scramble to get their offshore teams of labor to “do something else productive”. We wish you guys well. Actually, no we don’t… we hope you fall on your sword again, because it was pretty amusing.

So, now that Google is wiping the relevance of content farms off the face of the interwebs, what other things can we look for them to do? Well, the new vacuum will create a few weeks or a month where Google will recalibrate your site. Websites that continue to have hundreds or thousands of fake inbound links will drop like a stone from the SERPS and other sites that have real content will take their place.

If you are interested in hiring an Ohio Search Engine Optimization company that doesn’t participate in foolish schemes to make your site interesting to Google, give us a call! 478-227-4366. We are always interested in hearing from companies that consider their Brand something that is not worth gambling with.

Oh, and a big High-Five to Matt Cutts, the chief developer at Google who even though he lives in California, thinks a lot like us.

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