Why Google Plus?

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Why Google Plus?


With Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn there is so much you can do to get your business recognized by the general public. These mediums make your company much more accessible to clients and customers as they provide instant access and up-to-date information of the on goings within your organization. So with the many benefits provided by these social media giants, why use a less used medium like, Google Plus?


Google Plus provides greater opportunity for your company’s information to be shared with a wide audience compared to the other forms of social media. It connects all the different services offered by Google and operates heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). If someone “+1s” the content your business has shared, it will be placed higher when someone searches for it on Google. If you have more followers, then the links you share will be ranked higher in Google search results as well. The fact that Google will prefer a post on Google Plus with a large amount of attention may be the biggest reason why this medium is better for businesses than any other form of social media at the moment.


Google Plus is not reporting as many active users as Facebook and Twitter, but this can be seen as a positive as well. The fewer businesses on Google Plus, the less competition you have, making it easier for your company to attain a higher rank on Google searches.


It also offers so much more information about posts and followers. For example it sports some very specific apps like Google+ Local (a local business locator) and Google Timing+ (which allows users to identify the best time to post to Google).


If you’re a business owner and looking for way to connect your organization with the local community Google Plus is the perfect place for that. Google+ Local combines your business with Google Maps and also allows feedback from your customers. We think that Google Timing+ is great because it gives you the most opportune time to post based on when your content has received the most traffic. Google Plus is waiting for your company to jump on board and continue on to success.

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