If Google Panda didn’t throw you.. Google Venice will


OK, so by now you may have figured out how Google Panda has impacted your brand within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

All about Panda

For most organizations and companies that had a defined SEO strategy that included inbound linking, and that inbound linking was performed “rapaciously” the Google Panda gave you all a huge smack down. Those cheap inbound links you paid for on less-than-relevant websites and blogs are not only no longer paying off for you, I think you’ll find your SERP results were doubly impacted. One notable affiliate friend of mine reported making $25k a DAY on one of his brands/products and then waking the next morning to find his page only had 27 visits within a 24hr period of time (with ZERO sales). That my friend is called the Panda Pounding!

Thankfully, Bash Foo has once again skirted disaster by delivering smartly planned and organized SEO strategies that do not utilize these “rapacious” linking strategies. (see how I used that big word twice!)

So, with Google Panda behind us, this week Google is rolling out it’s Venice release. Oh.. brands you MUST pay attention to this release as it will impact you.

All about Venice

Venice essentially is a focus on delivering hyper-local results for those keyword/key phrase requests that best demand them. For instance, searching for “ice cream in St. Louis metro area” usually would give you a nice mix of local results as well as major brand hits like Borden, Ben and Jerry’s, etc. Venice is there to make sure that page 1 delivers a “better result” with only local ice cream shoppes/parlors coming up. Brands, you get to take a back seat on page two.. Well, unless you are willing to pay for it.

Yes, Venice is that big.

But what does it actually mean; will it make a difference to the search industry as a whole? There are to serious impacts that can be found here. Firstly, if your customers are looking for ice cream in your urban area, you can actually cross your fingers that they will find you on the first page of Google when they are searching for you. (Good for the little guy!) Secondly, national and international brands might find themselves frustrated had they been recently clinging to the bottom of the first search results page of Google. Essentially, what it might mean is more klout for the little guy, and more SEO expenses for the bigger guys.

Local Guys, can still be Worried

OK, so this Google update provides advantage to the little guy for now. What that means is the major brands will now work to game the Venice release with their own strategies (and seemingly endless marketing budgets) to once again bump themselves into the spotlight of SERP page 1.

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