Gentlemen of the Road Troy Ohio is hashtag gotrtroy

gotrtroyIt’s a hashtag. Really, only a hashtag. However, this weekend there will be literally thousands of people identifying their tweets, photos, videos and blog posts with this extremely important little thing called a hashtag.

Why is this important you say? Well, in order to aggregate, syndicate or search for content on the web, there must be a unifying “key code” that allows people to search for and find things. We established #gotrtroy in the same way our Canadian brothers and sisters established #gotrsimcoe.

What this means for fans

They can post all they want, and easily indicate and establish their post to be grouped with others who are enjoying the Gentlemen of the Road tour in Troy, Ohio this August 30-31st. Afterwards, fans and concert-goers can browse through the scrapbook of photos, posts and videos from this historic musical event that brings together people from all over the country and the world. The City of Troy is estimating 35,000 people will be in town for the concert and related activities on Friday and Saturday. This is big.. Especially since Troy only has 30,000 residents!

What this means for the web

Google will have no problem putting together the stream of content using the #gotrtroy hashtag. Also, sites like Gentlemen of the Road #GOTR at can aggregate all of the associated content from the venue in one single place. How amazing is that??

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