FREE 20-Minute Refresher Course on LinkedIn for all US Gov. Furloughed Employees

free linkedin refresher course

OK, I know this stinks. Many of my friends who have dug in and did their time are now on the streets thanks to Congress and Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate. But, we aren’t waiting.. in fact we aren’t even going to cool our heels are we? There are great paying jobs out there in the private sector to be had.. All YOU have to do is find them.

Sign up today for a FREE 20-minute LinkedIn refresher course. Get your profile all spiffed up, add great content that employers will want to see, and figure out how to use LinkedIn’s networking potential to your benefit. We’ll be offering several of these courses over the next two weeks, with times that should suit just about everyone.


End of Year Marketing

  • Price: $229.00
    Our popular press releases, distributed to more than 200 digital news websites. We take your press release, provide a professional edit, and then launch the press release for you.
  • Price: $479.00
    This is our most popular offering. If you've had a website out there and haven't made any changes to it in years, and you don't want to invest this year in a new website, this refresh may be for you!
  • Price: $1,275.00
    Refresh your brand in 2019, with our rates from 2018! Receive a new logo (multiple revisions), font selections, colors, brand guide, and byline.
  • Price: $2,500.00
    Our entry-level marketing automation platform includes software, API integration as well as quarterly email sequences sent out to your customers in order to engage, inform and create opportunities for your brand. This price is FIRST MONTH, and will be recurring.
  • Price: $3,500.00
    Been meaning to keep in touch with your existing customers and prospects every month, but never finding the time to do it? Let us handle the busywork of crafting an engaging message, providing great content, and reaching out to them monthly to spur discussion and identify buyer intention. This price is FIRST MONTH, and will be recurring.
  • Price: $3,500.00
    Our entry-level website is a perfect refresh for your company that may not have much web presence at all. Our responsive and SEO tuned websites help your business grow. Should your web design needs exceed this product value, we will work with you in the new year to "square up".
    If you currently have a Google Ads agreement with us, your existing fee schedule will apply to this payment. For new Google Ads customers, consider 75% of this amount to cover the ad expense from Google, 20% to cover our management fee to maintain and report on your account, and 5% to cover the creation of new ad copy and graphics for this ad campaign. (Credit card fees on the selected amount will be taken from the 75% spend with Google)
  • If you've already spoken to Mike about what you wanted to invest this money on in 2019 and he's approved it, you can use this form field. If you haven't please do not. 🙂
  • $0.00

We’ll get in contact with you and send you the dates/times for these online courses.

 ** Update 10/3 Classes will be scheduled beginning Monday, October 7th those who register will receive an email with more details on the exact dates and times. Thanks to us being featured on CNN last night, we will be able to offer this class to a much wider audience than anticipated. Thank you CNN!

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