How do you feel about “specialist” marketing?


The marketing and advertising world is getting populated with lots of specialization in the name of preservation. Small businesses aren’t just looking at independent marketing firms selling them their services (like Bash Foo) but also companies that shill under the name of specialization.

For example only… “Dental WebDesign Inc.” They only present their pitch to Dentists and Orthodontists, showing them a few examples of the designs they have performed in the past and expressing their ability to better understand and deliver. For Dental WebDesign Inc. the presentation is super easy because Dentists don’t have to get clued into what their site looks like based on the Independent’s work on a Furniture store or Bob the Plumber website… They get to see exactly what will be delivered.

Good or Bad?

While the marketing material and the website demonstrations are all niche focused, the company is probably also doing the same for their Lawyer, Furniture and Plumbing clients. It’s a significant benefit to DentalWebDesign Inc. to obscure the rest of their business. But what happens if it all unravels? What if the Dentist clicks on their URL and takes them back to the “mothership” company? Do they feel like they were lied-to or taken advantage of?

I am curious as to how you feel about this situation.

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