Facebook Trending


Facebook Trending

It probably wouldn’t be Facebook if there weren’t constant changes trying to enhance the user’s experience.

The latest in Facebook’s changes to your timeline is the Trending feature. It essentially has the same type of functions that the Twitter trending feature has, except it is more catered to articles that are popular on Facebook. This feature is slowly becoming available to everyone in the US, UK and India. It shows users the most discussed and shared topics on the social network tool. Trending appears in the upper right corner of the users Facebook news feed.

The topics that are shown in the Trending option are specifically created by the user’s interests. So the chance of getting a topic that you are not necessarily interested in is not as high as Twitter’s trending section. In the top right corner of your news feed the Trending feature has the main subject highlighted with a short description posted next to it. The main difference between Facebook’s trending feature and Twitter’s is that Facebook gives the user context to the topic that is trending, while Twitter just gives the topic.

This new feature has had mixed reviews, but the new addition is Facebook trying to reinforce its prominence as a leader in delivering news to its users.  It can be a great way for businesses of all kinds to stay up-to-date on what is current. If you have shareable content about your company, then the Trending feature is helpful in getting the material in front of many more eyes as well.

Businesses have to be aware of news that is trending as a way to relate to their customers and understand their industry better. This Facebook feature allows just that as it provides a way for popular topics to find you, instead of having to search for them. It’s important to stay on top of the major changes in social media so that your business will be able to adapt to them and serve your customers better.

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