Facebook Pushes New Updates – Rejiggering the Business Page (for the better)


Looks like Facebook is at it again, this time changing up the business pages for millions of brands and organizations everywhere.

And the changes I have to say.. are for the best!

Facebook Logo/Avatar

One thing that always annoyed me with the Facebook page was that the logo/avatar covered a portion of the large feature image. If you were trying to show off a piece of real estate, or a team photo, or a new product you were producing, that logo really got in the way. Facebook has now moved it on to the left side so that you can have a fully unobstructed view of the page.


Where did the Facebook Tabs go?

Well, they shoved them over to the left, directly under the Page logo/avatar. They are definitely less pronounced now that they are no longer beneath the Feature image, however.. depending on the type of page you have, may contain MORE options! For instance, there is now an area where you can update the Services that you provide!




Great news! Facebook understands that these Pages often have Small Businesses that are trying to show off what they do! Bazinga!

What was on the Left is now on the Right

You know that smarmy mashup of things like About, Photos, Upcoming Events, Visitor Posts and the like? Well, those now are snapped to the right border of the page, and they follow the scroll which is interesting. Previously if you scrolled past that material, you never saw it again unless you scrolled all the way back up the page. This makes this information a bit more present to visitors to the page, and probably more useful. (We Shall See)


What other changes have you noticed on the new Facebook Pages? Let us know, and add your comments.


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