Facebook News Feed Tweaks



Facebook news feed tweaks

The companies with the most growth tend to be the ones who adapt the best. Facebook, since its creation in the mid 2000s, has gone through several transformations, most commonly tweaks to the news feed. Recently, Facebook made changes to its news feed to filter in more “high quality content.” This means Facebook will be adding more news articles and other current events into your feed.

With the addition of more articles appearing in the news feed, Facebook had to take something away: memes. Filtering memes to the news feed creates room for more high quality content. Facebook will also filter in the content by showing articles that your friends have commented on or like. It is possible to see the same story in your timeline multiple times, but the comments by your friends or followers will be different. Facebook will also recommend articles to you based on links you clicked on and posts you have liked.

So why is Facebook changing their news feed again?  According to Pew Research, 30% of adult users get their news from Facebook, while 67% of users who spend at least an hour a day on Facebook get news from the highly popular social media outlet.  Altering news feeds makes Facebook a viable contender to become the go-to news resource for adult internet users.  Facebook also wants to stay ahead of Twitter, which is another strong outlet for up-to-date news coverage.

How can your business alter its social media strategy to trend on your customers’ news feeds?  With the new algorithms filtering out memes and other repetitive content, original content that is relevant to current events will be key to inclusion on news feeds and top stories.

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