Your Facebook Fans are No Longer Seeing Your Posts

OK, we have been fielding lots of calls from both client and non-client about the newly implemented changes to Facebook that have either reduced or eliminated their posts from the streams of their fans. We wanted to address this issue up-front and immediately as you’ll quickly find that your fans feel disconnected and less engaged..

History (heh)

Within the past two weeks Facebook has been rolling out a new service called Edgerank. What it has done is greatly reduced the amount of page and news updates on facebook users’ Walls. So, if you complained about all the SPAM updates from facebook pages before, guess what you have just been served. Across our 57 managed brands we are seeing between 15-20% of our page updates actually hitting a fan’s wall.

How it Works

Edgerank rewards those fans who visit your fan page, comment, and Like your posts with frequent updates of your fan page. Those who are fans but don’t actively comment or like your posts.. won’t be seeing your updates anymore unless you as page Admin “do something”. Oh.. You’ll love this..

The new Face of Facebook

Facebook used to be the darling social media company that provided the edge up for small businesses, non-profits and small organizations that want to “get the word out” quickly, easily and for FREE. If you fall into this category, you will be very disappointed to find out that Facebook has now moved to a PAY to PLAY model that will force you to pay for the posts you would like to have exposed to all of your fans. That’s right. If you would like to provide an update to people who have already opted in to receive your updates you will now have to PAY for them to see it.

Previously, paid facebook advertising and paid posts were targeted for those facebook users who were NOT your fan. Now.. the only people who will regularly see your posts will be those who are fan-atics about your brand, business or organization. (lots of comments, likes, shares, etc.)

Workaround for Users

1. Find the page that you have already “liked.”

2. Hover you mouse over the “Liked” button. Which may or may not work.

3. Once you (finally) get a drop down menu, confirm “Show in News Feed” is selected.

While this has been tested by several of our facebook testers, it has provided inconsistent results as many (but not all) of them already had the checkmark checked…

Another untested method that has been shared with us has been the use of Lists with Facebook where you create a list of your favorite, favorite content and have it post to your wall. We haven’t been too crafty in curating facebook posts as it never was an issue before, so if you find any luck here please share!

Workaround for Admins

So.. if you are a Page Admin, what are you to do now that a dismal 15% of your fans are being reached now organically? One of our clients who has over 100,000 “fans” will have to pay $500 now to have a single post go out to all of their fans. Of course, that simply won’t happen.

Edgerank is basically helping Facebook with their long term strategy to stay a social network, and not an advertising network. Less wall posts from Pages mean more people to people posts.. Well, unless you are a mega-brand who is cool with paying thousands upon thousands to share your posts with the facebook participant network.

What Edgerank is scoring highly are those users who posts prolifically, LIKE everything, share dozens of posts a day as well as those Facebook users that post inflammatory posts that receive hundreds and hundreds of comments. Won’t that be great? Logging into Facebook and at the top of your feed will be all those lame video shares and political flames. Just what you wanted from a social network.. yea we agree.

What worked before for Page Admins was the creation of lots of new, engaging posts ON Facebook. Well, frankly that won’t work anymore as well as it had.

Edgerank will be ranking posts that include links that are inbound to facebook (lame and useless), or links to outbound content (your blog). So, if you are a Page Admin and you already have one of our Snappy WordPress websites, you are already one step ahead of the rest.

Switch, right now, to posting your unique content to your blog and have us (or your website admin) link the WordPress website to post your content to Facebook. That content will be more highly ranked, and will show on more of your fans walls. We do not know what percentage of that is exactly, however we have so far calculated about 70% MORE visibility.

If you’d like some help with getting your facebook posts back on your fans walls, please call us today. We can provide either workaround solutions or full blown website designs to meet your communication needs. 478-227-4366 or email me

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