Don’t Hate our Veterans

us_flagThis Memorial Day weekend our Country is busily extracting itself from one operational theatre (Iraq),  building forces in another (Afghanistan) and are constantly threatened by the saber-rattling of whack-job leaders in a half dozen countries. Ohh. and we recently thwarted a home-grown terrorist attack on New York.

While all that noise may occasionally distract or even detract from your love for our Country, I suggest that you don’t hate the veteran… rather hate the game.

Hate the fact that humans are fundamentally greedy and self-serving.


Hate the fact that politicians lead with the sword in order to stay in power.

Our Country, blessed with the notion that individual freedoms and equality trump any institution or leader has allowed us to sit in righteous review of European, South American and Pan-Asian nations whose citizenry must fight for the very rights that we are freely given by the Constitution.

This Memorial Day, please take a moment to hang a flag, visit a Vet in a nursing home, or go to your local Memorial Day parade. The greatest gift that you can give to a Vet is to let them know that their personal sacrifice to our Country was recognized by those that they chose to defend.

God Bless You and God Bless America

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