Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

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Digital marketing trends in 2014

Digital marketing must keep adapting to stay relevant and meet the client’s and consumer’s needs. It just makes sense– with trends in popular culture, social media and anything else covered on the web, you have to adapt your methods to keep up. Here is a look at four of the more notable trends in digital marketing for 2014.

Video Marketing

Video is a powerful and attention-grabbing outlet. It has the ability to capture the focus of a potential consumer better than text at times (although text content marketing will likely grow in 2014 as well). The change in video in recent years is length, however. Shorter videos means a smaller chance of a viewer being distracted or becoming bored with the content. Better yet, if it interests them enough, the short length won’t deter them from watching it again or sharing it with others. Look for videos to be of more use in digital marketing campaigns in 2014.

Targeted Marketing

Companies are trying to find ways to convert visitors into customers all the time. In 2014 they will likely be finding new and more impactful ways to target their content towards the consumer. If your content is not being displayed to the right group of people, then your campaign to get new consumers will likely not be effective. Remarketing is a part of this target marketing plan as well. Just because you didn’t convert a visitor into a customer once, doesn’t mean you have to lose them for good. Learn to target them in a more effective way.

Location-based Marketing

Companies will likely deliver content to their consumers based on their location via mobile device. This is a strong way for a company to engage with their users. Mobile devices are generally with a person at all times, making this form of marketing essential in capturing the right person at the right moment.

Social Media Diversity

If a company isn’t using social media they are already behind their competitors. It is such a great way to engage with your audience at any moment. But just using some forms of social media may not be enough. With new forms of social media rising in popularity, (i.e. Instagram, Vine) companies have to be quick and smart by developing their brands across multiple forms. Social media engagement doesn’t just stop with Facebook and Twitter, and in 2014 we’ll see businesses start to branch further out into newer outlets.

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