Digital Experimentation


Digital Experimentation

The best way to learn is through experience. Most if not all of the knowledge you have today is from either your own or someone else’s experience. It is important to have this mindset when planning your marketing campaigns for your company. Experimentation and marketing go hand in hand. In order to properly serve your audience, you have to present them with several different ideas to see which form of communication is most appealing to them. Although experimentation is the key to successfully reaching your audience, each company has to do it with careful planning and tactfulness.

One of the most important steps and probably the first step your business should take in experimenting digitally with your marketing campaigns is to look at the success of businesses around you. What are your competitors doing and is it working? Once you have looked at your own marketing schemes and the campaigns of your competitors, then you can start to develop a plan of how to present your audience your message in a way that is most intriguing for them.

First you will want to develop an idea or hypothesis. Discover what your data is telling you about what type of marketing plans seem to work for your audience. This is integral to the experimentation process as it gives your experiment direction. The formulation of the idea is important, but what really generates results is the experiment itself. If you find your customers react to Twitter postings the most, then develop a new marketing scheme and use this platform to receive the best results.

Innovation is created through experiment so this process must be done with care. Spend time and develop a few plans to present to your audience and when one doesn’t work, simply replace with another. After all, that is the whole point of experimentation. You will quickly learn from your experiment if you look closely at the results and how your customers respond to your ideas. The best way to produce fresh new ideas that are successful is through experimenting and paying close attention to the results.


Mobile Marketing: Coupon

Mobile marketing is here to stay. A large portion of the world already owns a smartphone or a tablet, so delivering your marketing campaign where it would be most convenient for them is a great way to get your message heard. One of the bigger trends in mobile marketing to carry over into 2014, is mobile coupons. These are coupons that are redeemable on your smartphone or tablet. They can either come in text message form, an email or an app that can all be scanned straight from the screen of your mobile device to the register at the store. This digital tool can be very effective and produce many benefits if it is used correctly.

Mobile coupons can be accessed through QR codes as well, making it easier for users to attain them. Last year 28 percent of people in the U.S. with a smartphone redeemed a coupon on their smartphone, which is an 11 percent increase from 2012. One of the major benefits of using mobile coupons is that it can create new leads for your business. The easy accessibility of this marketing effort and the discounted products the user receives can turn a viewer into a trusted customer. Once they like the deal you’re providing via the mobile coupon they are likely to come back for more discounts as well as develop into a normal customer of your company.

One of the key benefits for consumers is, not only are the coupons easily accessible but, they are convenient as well. The idea is not if customers want to save money, they obviously do. It is about how they can save money. Coupons are easier to carry on your mobile phone because it is more organized and you can hold a larger amount of them. This a great way to give customers what they are looking for while your company can generate leads in return.


The Importance of Big Data

Businesses across the United States are keeping up with data and analytics to improve their relationship with their consumers. But what happens when the data and analytics become too large for them to understand? In a world where there are statistics and computer software to measure countless amounts of data, sometimes the results will become too much comprehend. All this amount of information and statistics is known as big data. According to SAS, a statistical analysis company, big data can be defined as a term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured.

Unstructured data is information that is unorganized and isn’t measured by traditional data models. It tends to be text-heavy data, but can also include numbers and facts. Structured data is the opposite, but in terms of big data, it can be a multifaceted term. Big data usually occurs when mixing complex structured data, such as social network interactions, and unstructured data.

There is so much data out available that if we are capable of understanding more of it, the benefits will prove to be rewarding. Understanding big data is important for every company. Once you are able to decipher such data this will lead to more accurate statistics and analytics. This will in return help develop new leads, reduce costs for your company, save time, which will inevitably save even more money, and increase wiser decision making. Learning from big data will help you understand what your company can do to improve, causing your business to become more efficient and will lessen the chance of taking risks.

Big data has been around for quite some time, but more and more people are beginning to understand how to tackle it. Having numerous amounts of data and analytical numbers floating around does nothing until you can use these statistics to improve your customer engagement. In the end, the point of understanding big data is to save your company money, while constantly improving your interactions with consumers.

App Marketing

Advancing your company’s growth into the mobile world is important in maintaining status as a top authority in your industry. There are many ways to do so, but one of the most common, even for small businesses, is creating an app that is easy to use. But creating a successful app is only half of the battle. You have to be able to market it well to the consumer. A misguided mindset to have when creating an app is thinking that it will be successful because it is engaging, helpful and easy for the user to operate. The app won’t be successful unless users know that it exists and that it is something they will be interested in.

The process of advertising successfully and making your app stand out can be overwhelming with numerous amounts of apps being created each day. Your goal is to attain a high ranking for your app so that it may become visible to your customers and also to those who are unfamiliar with your company, but are interested in your industry. The first part of any marketing campaign is usually understanding what the competition is doing to sell their app. Study the trends that they are following and see what is making the top apps successful and what mistakes are holding others back.

Next you will want to add it to the app store and advertise for it across many different platforms that your company owns. Use Twitter and Facebook. Send it out to all your email subscribers and make an engaging video on YouTube. Even with all this advertising, your company still must explain why the consumers should spend their time and sometimes their money on downloading your app. If you have a blog, use it to describe why your app is perfect for your audience. Even after all this work though, it can sometimes not be enough. You will most likely need to use app store optimization tools (ASO) that will help you understand how to better market your app to the public.

Finally, you will want to incentivize your users to positively rate the app. Offer coupons or achievements when they rate it, but also keep offering them the opportunity to rate the app because they may not do so on their own. The ratings help with the ranking of your app in the store as well. Mobile app advertising is integral to your apps success as well as your company’s because of the constantly growing demand of mobile accessibility for businesses.

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