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It would be hard to overstate the importance of social media use in marketing campaigns. In fact, 73 percent of online adults are in some way using social networking sites. It’s incredibly integral to getting your content out to your consumers. However, just releasing your content via social media without any direction or strategy can be highly disadvantageous. Having focus on anything that will drive sales or views for your company is absolutely necessary. There is no reason not to have a social media strategy for your business.

A successful social media strategy is one that drives engagement with your targeted audience and stays true to your company’s goals. So the first step into building an effective social media strategy is to redirect your attention to your company’s values and goals. If what you are putting up on social media isn’t similar to what your company stands for and is trying to do, then your campaign will likely fail. Look at the audience you’re targeting and how you have reached them before. Implementing this scheme into your strategy will prove to be beneficial as it gives you a focus.

Next you will want to choose the correct social media sites for your business/industry and post regularly on each one. Do not let any of your social media platforms go dormant. It’s important to post engaging content consistently in order to let your audience know that you care and are interested in this form of communication. You must monitor how often you post as well. Do not over post, but find a balance between for each site. In most cases you will post more frequently on Twitter than you would on Instagram.

Listen and adapt to your audience’s needs. Interacting with your audience is a must for any successful social media strategy. Especially in the B2C realm. They will tell you what they want; you should measure up what they say with your business’ goals and make the appropriate adjustments.

Once you get into a routine of posting you’ll want to analyze your social media strategy using metrics and analytics as well. Performing social media audits or even use some of the popular and effective social media analytic tools. You will need to concentrate on the effectiveness of your strategy as well as the weaknesses. Social media changes constantly. Stay up-to-date on the changes, communicate and interact well with your audience and watch your social media strategy flourish.

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