Custom Audience Targeting

Improving results in terms of reaching consumers and new leads is as basic as targeting the right group of people. Unfortunately, completing this task isnt as easy as the concept itself. However, there are new techniques emerging allowing for a more precise targeting of consumers with whom you have already established a relationship . This is the idea of Custom Audience targeting. This marketing method allows you to advertise to a specific group of people, a custom audience, on Twitter and Facebook through established relationships from email newsletters or website views.

Custom Audience targeting makes sure your ads are seen by the people who will want to see them. This stops all the guessing of who will see and click on an ad. If someone does actually click on the ad it increases their chance of buying into the campaign because they have liked your message in the past.

Twitter, Facebook and your email are usually all connected via your email address. Once you have the statistics and information behind who is opening up your companys emails then you can target that audience specifically with advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your business can also establish their custom list by visitors to their website. All you have to do is track the consumers browser cookie ID and Facebook or Twitter will match that information with the users respective social media account.

You could use both Twitter and Facebook or identify which social media outlet will produce the best results in your advertising campaign. They both turn great results. This tool could turn leads into consumers as well. If a user visits your company website for the first time, Custom Audience targeting allows for the opportunity to reach them via their social media profile and potentially turn them into a returning customer. It is important to note that this feature can be turned off by the user, so not everyone is reachable through this marketing technique. However, this is something your company should become acquainted with soon.

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