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We are living in a constantly developing digital world. It only makes sense if companies cater to those who are tuned in. But it’s important to recognize the consumers who aren’t up-to-date with the latest technology. Our marketing messages have to reach both types of consumers. This can be accomplished with cross-screen marketing. Cross-screen marketing ties in multiple forms of media into one marketing campaign. Whether it be mobile, desktop and even television, combining these media platforms will extend your campaign’s reach and improve interaction with consumers.

The idea of cross-screen marketing seems to be counterintuitive at the moment because so many marketers are screaming for mobile ads and are trying to make all their messages easily accessible through mobile devices. Some marketers even centralize their focus on just advertising for one platform. However, combining your digital campaigns for mobile phones and tablets with advertisements made for television can be beneficial in making your message more powerful.

Although cross-screen marketing can be used to connect with less technologically sound consumers, it can really draw in those who are up-to-date with the latest technological trends. It’s up to the company to provide cross-screen accessibility for consumers. If someone sees a commercial of a company for one of their campaigns on television it should drive them to the online campaign that is matched up with the television ad. Not only are you engaging multiple types of technologically-savvy consumers, but you are making your message more interactive by connecting it across screens.

Cross-screen marketing is needed today more than ever, because of the two screen experience. Many who spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices and in front of their television are products of the two screen experience. This isn’t just being on your laptop while watching something completely separate on television. Instead it’s a combining of the two experiences to form one communication interaction. An example of a successful campaign using this experience is AMC. They created something called Story Sync. This allows you to watch one of their original television series live and sync your laptop or mobile device to interact with the show, by answering polls and trivia questions as well as interacting with other fans.


Cross-screen marketing is still fairly new. Businesses looking to make a bigger leap in their marketing efforts should give it a try in order to connect more consumers through multiple forms of media.

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