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Developing a clever marketing scheme or designing an ambitious web page are both good in theory, but if there is no evidence of success, then they are barely more than wasted creativity. A company and its employees need to know how effective a particular marketing piece is, so they can either fix the problem or learn from it. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) at its most basic level is the idea of creating a website in order to successfully convert users and get them to execute the appropriate action. In order to accomplish this you must use data and analytics as well as customer feedback.

A conversion is more than turning a visitor into a customer, although this is the main focus. A conversion can be defined as getting a user or visitor to perform the specific action you had planned when you designed the web page. The actions can include sign ups for email newsletters, downloads, a purchase, sharing information and much more. The idea is to use the data and feedback that you gathered, optimize your website using those results and improve the rate at which visitors convert into a lead or a consumer.

This process can be completely free or can cost a fair amount of money. However, if done properly with someone who knows what they are looking for, then the ROI will be well worth it. The first step in performing a successful CRO campaign is by taking your time to step back from your site and analyze what is going on. Internet marketing is a great environment for trial and error, but not when there is data to rely on. Analyze what is working and what isn’t working for your site. Ask for customer feedback. They’ll tell you what makes them more likely to convert and what they like and dislike about your website.

Next you’ll want to create a plan for optimizing your site for the best conversion rate. However, it is important to have a bigger scope than conversion rate. You should be optimizing your site for revenue as well. Conversions are nice because they indicate that you now have a new customer or are close to converting a hopeful consumer, but revenue is what is most important. Either way revenue, at the end of the day, is the main focus of increasing your conversion rate. Don’t waste anymore time and consult an expert on changing the landscape of your website.

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