Content Marketing: Can Social Media Dethrone the King?


It’s no secret that content is king. Having the right content with the right keywords can change our traffic levels and search engine visibility. The other big influencer in SEO is social media. Social media helps us spread information much faster to a finely targeted audience. With the huge rise in social media usage, many people have been wondering if a strong social presence is all you need to make yourself visible on the web.

Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together

One of the basics of content marketing is that being active on at least one social network is important. It helps you gain a regular following and builds strong backlinks for your website, both of which play a role in search engine ranking. Including sharing buttons on your content also encourages others to share, helping you make your content more visible.

Because of the strong influences social media has, some people are abandoning traditional SEO tactics all together. For example, fewer websites are focused on keywords, and are instead focused on highly-relevant niche topics. This makes it easier to make a personal connection with your audience.

Social Media Followers Can’t Replace Good Content

While some people want to believe that having thousands of followers alone will net them sales, the truth is that it will not. You still need to post regular and relevant content on your social media pages, otherwise you may seem boring to your regular readers. You may be able to build a good presence online using social media, but without good content, you won’t be very successful.

Create Great Content

The easiest marketing solution is to invest in both social media and good content. By writing SEO-friendly content that is highly-shareable and then sharing it on your social profiles, you can gain a much stronger, regular audience.

In conclusion, social media cannot replace good content marketing, only supplement it. To learn more about how your content affects your online brand, contact us today.

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