Content is for your Customer

Shortcomings in web site design and content creation originate when we fail to recognize the importance and requirements of the customer.

Content is for your CustomerUnlike the vast majority of marketing folks out there today, I have not jumped on the “content is king” bandwagon. Let me explain…

  • I do not believe that every web site has to look like Las Vegas at night
  • I don’t believe that every blog post has to enthrall and engage every reader
  • I do not believe that everyone has to use every tool in the toolbox
  • I do not believe that visitors will come, simply because you built it (and became their friend on Facebook)

I mean, if Florida was so great.. Why do millions of retirees live in Minnesota?

When we sit down with clients on an initial web design kick-off meeting, they receive a barrage of questions that they ALL seem to be unprepared to answer. These are questions about who their customers are. For example, what is their average household income, age, ethnicity, education, locality, spending habits and even how healthy they seem, or what types of entertainment they may enjoy. Sometimes the kick-off meeting goes so very poorly I have to reschedule so that they can better prepare. Folks.. These are questions that every businessman and woman should be able to answer. You should be able to draw a picture of your customer in your mind.

In the quote above, I highlighted the importance of the customer, over the content. THEY are the Numerator in the equation.
In another web kick-off meeting one of my clients started prattling on about how his professional bio is “weak” and that he is ashamed about ever focusing on this or that area of expertise. I pressed him as to what his customers thought of him.. Specifically about what they thought of those “specializations”.¬† He said that his customers found that his work and experience in these areas made him uniquely qualified to handle their matters. I congratulated him for the breakthrough that he just experienced, and explained that it doesn’t really matter what YOU or a NON CUSTOMER¬† thinks about your company or your brand, your CUSTOMER will reward you uniquely for those skills or qualities that you possess, you only have to share it with them in a way that they can understand and value it.

We help our customers do just that. We design websites that appeal to CUSTOMERS and share your brand (products or services) with them in a way that they can UNDERSTAND and VALUE it. Only then will your customer be put in a position where they become a qualified lead.

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