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New technology is emerging all the time. In this age of constant digital advancements there is a lot of trial and error involved. A hot new device is developed and then companies are frantically trying to see how it fits in with their brand. Some things work out and others not so much. Often times when you find one digital advancement isn’t working out for you then another one will likely come along that is better than the other. A perfect example of this is Clickable Paper and the potential it has to succeed where QR Codes have sometimes failed.

Clickable Paper was introduced by the electronic company Ricoh. It was designed to make print ads more interactive while connecting them to mobile devices. The idea of using clickable paper technology is to connect digitally by taking a picture of print marketing material. Once the user has taken a picture of the print ad they will be taken to a screen of options. These options include sharing the item on social media or bringing you to a social media site to learn more about the product, connecting to an eCommerce site and bringing the user directly to the site where the print piece is from.

It differs from a QR code because not only will you be brought to more information on the product by scanning, you also have more options than that of a QR code.The QR codes simply bring you to a new website related to the particular advertisement. Clickable Paper brings you to multiple forms of communication, i.e. blogs, video and eCommerce sites. This enables you to do more with the print marketing material.

The app only works if the print material is registered with the clickable technology. Ricoh has image-recognizing technology that will read the data within the print material and connect it online. Clickable paper is great tool for businesses to start using in order to enhance their consumers’experience with their brand.

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