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Businesses need to constantly share their brand with their audience through multiple platforms in order to reach the most consumers possible. Its a really simple idea, but you must know how to properly share on each medium. An example would be using Tumblr as a blogging social media platform and not as a company blog. Businesses can benefit greatly from Tumblr and considering it is one of the top 40 most popular sites in the world and a top 20 site in the U.S., many people will have the opportunity to see your content.

First, youll have to design your Tumblr blog to fit your companys brand. Make sure the layout is complete and inviting, but also create it so the users know this profile is associated with your business. There are plenty of themes to choose from so finding the one that fits is highly likely. Next, youll want to post engaging content regularly. It is just like any other social media medium. You want to post often to let your audience know you care and are active, but do not over post. This is a way quick way to engage your audience with information about your brand in a new and fun way.

In order to obtain more followers youll want to spark their interest by making your content easy to find and shareable. If you want to make your Tumblr easier to find by other users youll want to start by using relevant and popular tags. Tumblr doesnt use keywords but it is a similar concept. If you tag your post correctly then users will find your content. Youll want to use more than one tag, but dont overdo it.

The tags will get users to your content but it wont keep them there. Its important to write and share engaging content that others will want to share as well. Use interesting pictures to engage the reader and then follow it with captivating words that portray what your brand is all about. Tumblr is not supposed to replace your blog, but instead it is to be a fun way to market your business to a strong audience.

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