How to Boost your Social Engagement with Facebook’s New Custom Audience Tools


Social media marketing is a critical part of the strategic approach of any successful marketing plan. While there are many social platforms out there all competing for that balance between market-share and profitability (sound familiar?), Facebook is still well in the lead with 58% of the global market engaging with their site. So, when team Zuckerberg rolls out an innovation that may actually help your businesses, we like to tell you about it… It’s what we do.


In recent days, Facebook released a method by which you, the Facebook advertiser, can “create audiences” for more efficient ad spends that sync to your existing client information. Overall, a positive step for you, we thought we’d share the features that help and the ones that don’t in this blog, so here goes.


The Custom Audience feature allows you to target your ads to people in your contact list who also use Facebook. When you upload a list of either phone numbers or email addresses, Facebook can tell if those contacts have phone numbers or email addresses in the Facebook database. If those contacts with existing recognition to your brand are also on Facebook, they will be targeted specifically to see your ad.


So if your customer Sarah Jones’ phone number is on file with your company and is also on file with Facebook, then whenever you put out an ad, you can guarantee that if she logs into Facebook over the course of your ad term, Sarah will see your ad. Pretty cool right?


There is also a feature called, “create a lookalike audience” which allows you to have Facebook find people in their network with similar interests and demographics as your initial contacts.  Think of it as a virtual lead generation service that uses existing customers as a template to find your business more customers and thereby more sales.


Before you celebrate this new solution however, there are a few things you should consider. First, not everyone uses the email or phone numbers they used to set up their Facebook account in their daily business. Facebook estimates only 40-60% of your existing customer base will be reached. Note that these numbers are just estimates on a new program which aren’t the same as verifiable data.


Also, before you have a meltdown in the list building, lists with both phone and email are not yet supported, so if you want to use both email and phone, you’ll need to make two separate lists. To add this feature to your social media marketing strategy, contact Bash Foo today by clicking here. Also, Facebook has reasonably comprehensive instructions that can be found here if you want to try it yourself.


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