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When Former City Councilman, Bill Beagle first decided to run for State Senate in Ohio’s 5th district, one of the first calls made was to Bash Foo. He realized that while his desire to serve was personal, his candidacy must be made highly public. His first thoughts were not of yard-signs or press releases in the local paper.. It was his social media presence. How would he be able to position his campaign for success?

Not your Ordinary Campaign Site

Rounded corners, flashy navigation bar, gradients and transparencies are the hallmark of this campaign website. Bill’s key needs are highlighted in the page headlines, and urgent calls to action are peppered within each page. The site is staged for rapid growth as the campaign continues to build momentum.

Social Media.. Everywhere

The social media components are available all around the Web 2.0 site, however more importantly they are integrated into his Facebook page, Twitter and even his YouTube channel. Supporters of the candidate will use interactive forms to register for signs, volunteering and contributions. Campaign funds are calculated and shared on the site, demonstrating the power of the socially enabled political campaign website.

Visit Bill Beagle’s Senate Campaign web site for Ohio’s 5th District

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