Avoiding Black Hat Marketing




Marketing is a way to get consumers more involved in your company while improving their trust in your brand. Marketing your products and services to them in cheap ways will dishonor their trust that is placed in your business. A great way to create a distrust between your consumers and your company is by using black hat marketing techniques. Black hat marketing involves cheap SEO and email marketing tricks to try and create a false and in most cases illegal image about your company. It is important to avoid this form of marketing at all costs.

Black hat marketing consists of manipulating Google’s search engine rankings system to propel a deceitful web presence. It also can be buying a list of emails or sending out emails to consumers who have not given you their consent. Black hat marketing is an illegal digital marketing scheme that some use to trick consumers into thinking their company is something they’re not. This is a serious issue and should not be practiced by any business serious about making an impact in the digital community.

If caught by Google for deceiving their SEO system, your site will likely be shut down and won’t appear in Google’s SEO searches. It’s important to note that your company could become subject to black hat techniques through a virus or being hacked. If so it should be reported right away before your consumers and other trusted customers of yours become subject to spam links and unwanted content.

Black hat email marketing can be terribly annoying to consumers as well, if you do not provide opt-out links or are constantly invading their inbox with unwanted emails they did not sign up for. Black hat marketing is a quick way to turn results, but will make your company untrustworthy and won’t keep producing results for the long haul. Building your brand the right way through traditional, yet creative means of digital marketing will set up your business to become an authority in its industry, well trusted and secure for the future.

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