What to Avoid in Your Company Website


Your company website is one of, if not the, most important marketing tool in connecting with your consumers. It is often what turns visitors into returning customers. The importance of your website is so integral to your company’s success that it should be treated with much care. It needs to be designed well and must be easy to use and understand. Most importantly it should never look like an unfinished piece of work.

When creating or updating your business’website there are a number of things to avoid so that you do not turn away visitors. There are three mistakes to avoid when creating a website: bad copy, poor or unfinished design and not enough or unclear information.

Bad Copy

A great way to lose consumers is by having poor-written content plastered all over your site. The content should be clear and concise and should not confuse the reader. If you wish to turn visitors into new leads for business you must communicate with them properly. Hiring a copywriter who is knowledgeable about web content, keywords and SEO could do wonders for your business.

Poor Design

A poorly designed website will turn consumers away quicker than bad copy will. The design is what the visitor will notice first so it must be engaging, unique and easily maneuverable. The site should not look like it is unfinished either. If there are broken links or inconsistent page designs the consumer will begin to lose trust in your company and will likely leave your site. Make sure the design is simple yet intriguing and complete.

Limited Information

This goes along with bad copy. If there is not enough information on your site then what is the point of even having one. Do not have important statistical information without context or a source. You will also want to clearly convey what it is your company actually does. If it takes too long for a visitor to know what you do then it is time to make some changes. Make sure the contact information is clear and give the reader a call to action and ways to connect with you via social media.

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