Avitae Energy Water enters Dayton

Have you seen something strange in the coolers at Speedway this week? It’s not a can, and not a ribbed bottle, but something more like art. Round and tapered at the top, Avitae Energy Water is a product of Dublin Ohio based Vitality Distributing.

avitae_markAvitae, pronounced ah-vee-tay is made of nothing more than purified water and natural caffeine. Unlike all the rest of the energy drinks out there, it doesn’t have colors, flavors or any of those not-found-in-nature ingredients. The small Dublin operations is working very hard at connecting with distributors that are willing to throw cases of Avitae on their trucks and take it to places as foreign as Dayton, Middletown, or heck.. Cincinnati!

One of the incredibly viral marketing techniques that folks at Avitae have contrived are “energy interventions” where they randomly show up at places of work in the afternoons when people are starting to drag and give them the energy they need to finish the day without a super sweet candy beverage. Seeing that these energy interventions are incredibly social affairs, Bash Foo gives Avitae two thumbs up for getting in front of their customers (literally) and handing them a cold, refreshing (energizing) beverage.

Each Avitae contains 45 mg of pure caffeine derived from the coffee bean. (as much as One Diet Cola Beverage) There is no smell, taste or color to Avitae energy water, just healthy and clean energy bliss.

You can find Avitae in a series of select Speedway locations in the Dayton market including those on Stewart, Dixie, Shroyer, Valley and Main Streets.

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