Ashton Kutcher hits 1,000,000 followers on Twitter

I have to eat some crow this evening. (morning)

It is 2:22AM EST and Ashton Kutcher hit 1.000,000 Twitter followers before CNN. This competition was tracked live and Twitter even helped by blocking any attempts to “unfollow” either Ashton or CNN as the race to one million got closer. Seriously though, beyond the sort of moronic competition, Ashton actually carried himself well as he described social media networks and the fact that individuals matter now more than ever in this social media context. CNN and Ted Turner with all of their money, resources and power could not beat a single man in an honest contest.I never thought a guy like that would understand the democratization of media. Maybe straight-up guys like P-Diddy are rubbing off on AK..

Tomorrow (today) Oprah will be broadcasting live and will send out her first “tweet” during her show. Ashton as well as Twitter CEO Evan Williams will be there for the “historic” event. I am very glad about the opportunity that this media spotlight will bring, and am hopeful that Twitter and their ilk are emboldened to grow their technologies as well as their dreams as to where this can go.

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